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7 Chakras steel tuning forks set with ergonomic handle.

(wooden base not included)

Protective velvet pouch and transport included.


Made of special steel from one of the oldest manufacturers of tuning forks in Europe.

Uniform and lasting vibration and easy to play.

The ergonomic cork handle considerably improves handling. If necessary, the cork can also be removed from the stem.

The respective frequency and tone are clearly indicated on the arms of the tuning fork.

The fork arms have a smooth, nickel-plated surface and have a thickness of 8 mm x 4 mm, which guarantees a very durable vibration.

The end of the 6 cm long tuning fork stem is slightly rounded and provides a comfortable grip and a soft strike.


The stem also adapts optimally to the transmission stones (sold separately on our online store, here).


Frequencies of the 7 Chakras tuning forks:

  • Chakra 1: Synodic Day 194.18 Hz
  • Chakra 2: Synodic Moon 210.42 Hz
  • Chakra 3: Sun 126.22 Hz
  • Chakra 4: Earth 136.10 Hz
  • Chakra 5: Mercury 141.27 Hz
  • Chakra 6: Venus 221.23 Hz
  • Chakra 7: Platonic Year 172.06 Hz



You wish to do PROFESSIONAL TRAINING IN SOUND HEALING (training in Individual Sound Massage and / or Training in the practice of Gongs):

7 Chakra Tuning Forks Set

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