Zen and Sounds

The idea had been in their head for a long time ... Professional musicians, sound therapists for several years, multi-instrumentalists, Swann and Ely, the founders of Zen & Sounds have the desire to democratize sound therapy.

After several years where they gave gong baths, sound massages and yoga of sound in France and in Europe, in yoga centers and music and wellness festivals, they founded Zen and Sounds in 2018 and opened the first two centers entirely dedicated to sound therapy in Europe: Zen & Sounds Paris and   Zen & Sounds Ibiza Retreat Center.

In 2020, Ely & Swann inaugurate the training center located in Montpellier, the Zen & Sounds Academy .

2021 will be the year of the opening of a sound healing retreat center in the Montpellier region.

Swann & Ely · Zen & Sounds

Swann & Ely  · Founders of Zen and Sounds


Relax ... Breathe ...

Work on your self-healing abilities ...


In our contemporary world, we have a deep need to relax, to breathe, and to work on our self-healing capacities, disconnected from any pressure.

The Zen and Sounds team welcomes you to its two centers, Paris and Montpellier, to help you soothe your mind and revitalize your body, by naturally stimulating your immune system, through sound therapy activities:

  • Gong Bath (deep sound meditation using large symphonic and planetary gongs),

  • sound massages using Tibetan bowls and therapeutic tuning forks,

  • sound meditation accompanied by relaxing music performed live,

  • therapeutic mantras singing and yoga of sound.

All day and every day of the week, we offer group sessions and individual treatments to accompany your everyday city life smoothly in Paris, and your wellness holidays in dream settings in Ibiza and the south. from France..


"If we accept that sound is vibration and that we know that vibrations touch every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our body. "

"Sound plays a role in the healing equation at several levels: it creates alterations in cellular functions through energetic effects; it helps biological systems to function more homeostatically; it calms the spirit and consequently the body; it also has emotional effects, which influences neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn will help regulate the immune system - our inner healer. "


Mitchell Gaynor, Oncologist and Professor of Medicine, author of the book "The Healing Power of Sound: Healing from Life-threatening Illnesses, Using Sound, Voice and Music."