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Help • Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive a confirmation email for the purchase of my session


  • Check your Promotions and Spam files. The confirmation email can be found there. To prevent your e-mails from reaching spam, add the e-mail address…. @… .Com in the filters of your e-mail box. If you still cannot find the email, call us on 09 54 32 99 79.

I rented a streaming session, and the session seems to be filmed but still hasn't started


  • We start broadcasting about 1/4 hour before the start of the session. We also usually wait for the last latecomers to start. Don't worry, the session will start.

I have streaming breaks during Live Stream on my mobile phone


  • Avoid airpods and other wireless devices

  • Open the Live Stream from your computer rather than from your phone



I want to make a multiple reservation for several people or for several sessions


It is possible to reserve several places online and pay at once! Here is the procedure to follow on our site:



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