Sound Healing

Sound healing is a set of techniques using sound vibrations emitted by vibratory instruments such as gongs, Tibetan bowls, therapeutic tuning forks and voice, resulting in relaxation and well-being. It can be practiced as part of a personal approach or therapeutic support.

Discover our sound healing activities , in collective or individual sessions .



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Gong Bath

Group Session

Duration: 1h15

The Gongs Bath is a group meditation. This very ancient Asian technique is a Sound bath which produces a feeling of well-being through the vibration of the water contained in the body (our body is made up to 80% water).

The sound vibrations emitted by the gongs send signals that are interpreted at the biological, energetic and emotional levels, indicating to the cells to develop homeostatic rather than unbalanced. The Gong Baths bring an intense sensation of relaxation and well-being and rebalance the energy paths.

Super Gong Bath

Group Session

Duration: 2h30

The Super Gong Bath lasts longer. Its therapeutic effect is very deep, it engraves very far in the tissues, in the energy paths.


The anchorage is durable, as well as relaxation at the cellular level. The duration of vibrations being doubled, the letting go is total.

By the way what is a Gong Bath ? Click here for more info

The  7 Chakras Meditation

Group Session

Duration: 3h

The 7 Chakras Meditation given by Swann and Ely is a tuning of your energy centers to the sound of deeply relaxing and regenerating music, sung and played live.


They use a very wide variety of shamanic and sacred instruments: singing bowls, Gongs, Hang, flutes, anantar, kigonki, zagdrum. And their mystical and ethereal songs and the overtone singing * allow you a relaxing and healing journey.


One by one, your chakras will be tuned, rebalanced, refocused. Your energy will flow freely again after this cleaning of the energy blockages accumulated over the days.


A smooth musical and energetic journey.


* Overtone singing is a vocal technique allowing a person to produce a vocal timbre characterized by two notes of different frequencies.

The Pause Gong Bath

Group Session

Duration: 45 mins

Designed to allow you to revitalize during your mid-day break.

A 45 mn Gong Bath ... and start over your activities peaceful and re-energized.

By the way, what is a Gong Bath ? Click here for more info

Gong Bath "Sacred Circle"

Collective session

Duration : 1h30

Exceptional Gong Baths of the Spring Equinox :  Zen & Sounds brings together for you 30 symphonic and planetary gongs (including Big Mama and Big Baba, our 50 inches), 60 singing bowls, several zagdrums, hangs and many other vibratory instruments to form a circle of sacred geometry based on vibrations in our Gong Temple. Our Sound Therapists will play in duet for perfect symmetry so that the participants in the center of the circle can feel all of the sacred vibrational geometry. Places limited to 25.

By the way, what is a Gong Bath ? Click here for more info

Equinox Puja

Collective session

Duration: 6h

All the Sound Therapists of Zen & Sounds together to make you live an exceptional ceremony, all in etheric journeys and subtle emotions, for a deep and lasting anchoring.

[places limited to 40 participants]

By the way, what is a Gong Bath ? Click here for more info

Sound Night

Collective session

Duration: 8h

Our 4 Sound Therapists take turns to make you spend a sweet night to the sound of singing bowls and Gongs, hang, voices, shamanic flutes, anantar, zagdrum and all our other musical instruments.

A healthy and energetic breakfast is included: healthy, organic, vegan, without food preservative or coloring, without added sugar, energetic ... A selection chosen to please you.

Introduction to Therapeutic Sound Healing Tools

Collective session

Duration: 4h

Accessible to everyone

An intensive session to learn the basics of using therapeutic bowls and tuning forks, Zen bowls and koshis.

[ Limited places ]

Introduction to Zagdrum

Collective session

Duration: 3h

The Zagdrum is a tongdrum with a soft and caressing sound, which will accompany your musical moments of relaxation.

[places limited to 10 participants per session].


You can buy your instrument at Zen & Sounds Paris.

Sound Treatment

Individual Session or for 2 people

Duration : 1h (duo 1h30)

The sound therapist uses Himalayan bowls placed on the dressed body, as well as therapeutic tuning forks, transmitting vibrations through energy path inside the body. Each type of bowl is used in association with the meridians in order to release these pathways on three levels : the physical, the mental and the energetic level.

The Sound Treatment removes stress and contributes to internal balance. It provides an intense feeling of calm and well-being, and it helps in the regeneration of the body's natural defenses.

The Sound Treatment is an individual, couple or duo treatment.

Individual Gong Treatment

Individual session

Duration: 25 mins

Individual therapy, this treatment lasts for 25 minutes, sitting in front of a large symphonic gong.

The Sound Therapist will "play" the Gong according to your intentions, or your limitations... The proximity of the Gong allows a great vibratory power.

Soft and deep, this treatment has a regenerating effect on the immune system and induces the immediate feeling of an energy rebalancing.

Individual Tuning Forks Treatment

Individual session

Duration: 30 mins

This tuning fork treatment is an excellent tool for harmonizing and rebalancing the body at the vibrational level. The use of different types of tuning forks will help to unlock physical or emotional blockages. This treatment is very effective in fighting against insomnia, back pain, stress ...


Sound Healing is a very powerful tool, the effects of which can vary from person to person.

In no case will the Sound Therapist replace your attending doctor or a specialist in the event of a medical problem.


Gong Baths and Sound Treatmentss are contraindicated in the following cases:
· For pacemakers,
· For people with epilepsy disorders *,
· For pregnant women under 4 months or over 8 months *.
* in these cases, please contact us directly for a prior exchange.

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