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Music produced by Swann & Ely

Musique produite par Swann & Ely

The new ELEA album is out!

Discover the Meditation of the 7 Chakras
... and immerse yourself in a deep sound relaxation recorded live by Ely & Swann.

ELEA • The 7 Chakras Meditation
[Album recorded live]

The meditation of the 7 chakras is a sound relaxation.

The 7 tracks of this album illustrate the 7 chakras (our energy centers) which are tuned to the 7 notes of the diatonic scale, each chakra entering into resonance with a note of the scale.

The soothing effect of meditative concentration combined with the emotions generated by the music induces an energetic alignment and a deep emotional harmonization.

Ethereal vocals of Celtic, Oriental, Indian, Mongolian inspiration, sacred and shamanic instruments, celestial pads, Ely & Swann sing and play with all their instruments, giving free rein to their creativity and their emotions to offer their audience a moment out of time of pure relaxation and connection to the inherent beauty in each of us .... Read more

Compilations produites par Swann & Ely

Compilations produced by Swann & Ely

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Relaxation guided by Ely

Relaxation guidée par Ely