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Zen and Sounds, sonothérapie, gong bath, massage sonore, yoga du son, sound healing, méditation sonore, bain sonore, relaxation par le son

Music produced by Swann & Ely

Musique produite par Swann & Ely

The new ELEA album is out!

Discover the Meditation of the 7 Chakras
... and immerse yourself in a deep sound relaxation recorded live by Ely & Swann.

ELEA • The 7 Chakras Meditation
[Album recorded live]

The meditation of the 7 chakras is a sound relaxation.

The 7 tracks of this album illustrate the 7 chakras (our energy centers) which are tuned to the 7 notes of the diatonic scale, each chakra entering into resonance with a note of the scale.

The soothing effect of meditative concentration combined with the emotions generated by the music induces an energetic alignment and a deep emotional harmonization.

Ethereal vocals of Celtic, Oriental, Indian, Mongolian inspiration, sacred and shamanic instruments, celestial pads, Ely & Swann sing and play with all their instruments, giving free rein to their creativity and their emotions to offer their audience a moment out of time of pure relaxation and connection to the inherent beauty in each of us .... Read more

Compilations produites par Swann & Ely

Compilations produced by Swann & Ely

Autres artistes produits par Swann & Ely

Other artists produced by Swann & Ely

Relaxation guided by Ely

Relaxation guidée par Ely


The ELEA duo is made up of its founding members, Ely and Swann.


It is an Ethno-Ambient and Shamanic Trance live-act which has built its international reputation with close to 1000 concerts worldwide so far, 6 albums and more than 30 appearances on compilations. They are currently producing their 7th album.


More info here:


Ely & Swann also founded a Zen and meditative version of their duo (ELEA IN ZEN).

Their music in this formula is meditative and based on singing mantras, harmonic singing, relaxing pads, and shamanic instruments (Himalayan bowls, planetary symphonic gongs, Balinese suling flutes, Armenian duduk flute, tanpura, koto, harp, hang, meditation bells, kalimba, udu percussion, tar percussion, balafon, koshi chimes, rain stick ...).

They are currently preparing an album, "The 7 Chakras' Deep Meditation".


In this Zen version, the duo gives concerts of meditative and therapeutic music, with the aim of helping listeners to relax, meditate and connect to their inner peace and their power of self-healing, with the help of highly vibratory instruments and chants. They notably created a concept called "Meditation of the 7 Chakras", based on improvisation, very gently, on each of the notes corresponding to each of the 7 Chakras.


Recent ELEA In Zen concerts: (New Healing Festival, Harmonic Festival, Equinox Gong Puja Ibiza, Osho Festival Tarragona, Tantra Festival Ibiza, Onbody Festival Spain, Full Moon Trance Meditation Ibiza…).


Listen to ELEA IN ZEN live @ Ibiza Tantra Festival:

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