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Our gift cards

Discover our gift cards and offer them online!

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Or by phone : 09 54 32 99 79

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Our gift cards function as a cash voucher to spend on our sound healing activities. We give them a name to give you gift ideas but they are still a good in monetary value. 

Functioning :

  • The recipient of your gift voucher receives an email which is distributed to him/her on the date of your choice. He is invited to create his account to validate his gift card and be able to use it.

  • After the recipient has activated his gift card, his credit will be visible when he goes through the checkout, once his basket is made up of session or appointment cards he has chosen.

  • He can then either book his session (s) online, or call us to book, at 09 54 32 99 79.

NB: As our gift cards are monetary vouchers, the amount of the voucher to spend among Zen & Sounds activities will appear in the message received by your recipient. We cannot remove this function. On the other hand, the recipient is free to spend more or less than the amount of his gift card. In the latter case, the unspent amount will be credited to his account for a future use.

Discover our gift cards

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