Fri, 25 Jun | Zen & Sounds South

Weekend Sonotherapy and creative vegetarian cooking workshopsWith Phil, Béné & Delphine

Treat yourself to this early summer weekend! On the menu: Gong Baths, culinary creativity workshops, as well as individual treatments that will do you a lot of good (Amma massage, Sound massage and reflexology).
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Date et lieu

25 Jun, 15:00 – 28 Jun, 12:00
Zen & Sounds South, 34700 Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquiere, France


It's (finally!) Summer!

Revitalize yourself with the powerful and smooth sound of gongs.

Easily access a deep meditative state, which will allow you to let go and truly disconnect.

Feed your culinary creativity through 3 workshops that will lead you to think outside the box of vegetarian cuisine, to sustainably boost your field of possibilities behind the stove !!!

Finally, re-harmonize your whole being, through individual balancing treatments, such as Amma massage, sound massage, as well as reflexology (... There is a very good chance that all of your meridians will thank you warmly afterwards. all that !).

In short, a sparkling weekend for the taste buds, soothing to the mind and pleasing to the heart.

Program :

  • 2 gong baths
  • 3 Creative vegetarian cooking workshops:
  • "The Wok that awakens your inspiration"
  • "Unbelievable spreads"
  • "Sorbets and ice creams: as good in sweet as in savory"
  • 1 individual Amma massage *
  • 1 reflexology session **
  • 1 individual sound treatment ***

The health rules in force at the time of the internship will apply.

* Amma massage:

  • The Amma Massage is practiced dressed on a massage chair in a seated position.
  • It is the “little brother” of Shiatsu massage since it is also based on the circulation of energy along the meridians.
  • It is a short and very effective protocol from which one emerges relaxed and re-harmonized

** Foot reflexology :

  • Your feet are a summary of your whole body. Plantar reflexology consists of using pressure at specific points on the feet to act gently on the whole body.
  • Each Reflex Zone corresponds to an organ, a gland, a part of the body. The Reflex Zones are drained, stimulated, calmed, balanced, ...
  • At the end of the session, we are deeply relaxed, and our immune system is stimulated.

*** Individual Sound Massage:

  • The sound therapist uses Himalayan bowls placed on the dressed body, as well as therapeutic tuning forks, vibrating energy paths inside the body. Each type of bowl is used in association with the meridians to release these pathways on three levels: physical, mental and energetic.
  • The sound treatment evacuates stress and promotes inner balance. It brings an intense sensation of calm and well-being, and helps regenerate the body's natural defenses.

To make your reservation , you can:

  • pay for your entire stay when booking


  • pay a deposit of 50% of the price of the stay. You will have to pay the balance (50% remaining) by bank transfer to the Zen and Sounds account, at most 30 days before the start of the stay.

IBAN: FR76 1027 8060 4100 0209 7130 154


  • WE March 26-2950% deposit
    +€6.13 Service fee
    +€6.13 Service fee
  • WE sonotherapy 26-29 mar 2021
    +€12.25 Service fee
    +€12.25 Service fee

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