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IBIZA | The center

Inaugurated in April 2018, the ZEN & SOUNDS IBIZA RETREAT CENTER is the first European center entirely dedicated to relaxation through Sound and Sound Healing ....


Ideally located near the village of San Lorenzo, in the rural countryside North of Ibiza, the ZEN & SOUNDS IBIZA RETREAT CENTER welcomes you for pure moments of timeless relaxation.


Through the Gong Bath (deep sound meditation using large Symphonic Gongs), Individual Sound Massages using Himalayan therapeutic bowls, Therapeutic Mantras Singing workshops, and meditations accompanied by relaxing music played live (aerial and shamanic voices, anantar, hangs, balafon, tablas, flutes ...), our Zen and Sounds retreats will help you naturally stimulate your immune system, will bring you well-being and deep relaxation, will revitalize your body, and will soothe your mind.

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