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Beautiful traditional unengraved Tibetan bowl, supplied with its cushion and mallet.


  • Diameter: 13cm


Our bowls are handcrafted in Nepal. They are made of an alloy of 7 metals according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards ICP-OES analysis



Copper 78.5% +/- 0.3

Tin 21.5% +/- 0.3

Lead 0.06

Mercury 0.03

Iron 0.01

Gold 0.01

Silver 0.01


The artisanal manufacture of these bowls means that each one is unique in terms of its sound and its fiber.




You wish to do PROFESSIONAL TRAINING IN SOUND HEALING (training in Individual Sound Massage and / or Training in the practice of Gongs):

Traditional Tibetan Bowl 13 cm

Temporarily out of stock
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