Sound Healing retreats | Summer 2020

Mas de la Nojarette • Domaine du Taillé (Ardèche)

Gong Bath · Sound Massage · Live music meditations · Aquatic sound therapy



We are living extra-ordinary moments, in the first sense of the term ...

Here we are at the end, we hope, of this health crisis, which has shaken us deeply, changed our plans, made us work like never before our capacity for adaptation and acceptance.


As far as we are concerned, this adaptation had to apply to many areas, notably as you will have understood, to our sound healing retreats, previously planned in Ibiza. Canceling them was a sad but unavoidable decision .

We decided very quickly to look for a place able to offer you the same stays, because after this incredible episode of containment and for many of great anguish, it seemed obvious to us that you would still need to relax in the nature.

This place in France, we knew it and thought of it immediately, because it is magic! This is the Domaine du Taillé, in the heart of the green and refreshing Ardèche, and more precisely the Mas de la Nojarette, located on the domain.


2020 dates

  • From August 16 to 22 : with Lydéric, Swann & Ely [SOLD OUT]

  • From August 22 to 28 : with Swann & Ely [THERE IS 1 PLACE REMAINING for a man in a shared double room]

  • From September 13 to 18 : with Swann & Ely [SOLD OUT]

The Domaine du Taillé, unspoiled place, ideal for rejuvenation


Le Mas de la Nojarette is located on the Domaine du Taillé, a Zen reception and resort center located in the heart of a 300 hectare wooded park in southern Ardèche.

This preserved place, conducive to rest and rejuvenation is the ideal place for the organization of martial arts, yoga and various artistic activities. The whole testifies to a perfect integration with the surrounding nature. This place is dedicated to your renewal, your well-being, your serenity for a stay out of time!

At the heart of the Estate, a green valley hides at its bottom a magnificent river with still wild surroundings bearing the name of "Boulogne". Accessible 20 minutes' walk from Mas de la Nojarette, you can ford the river and reach the center of the area in 45 minutes.

Around the house, the forest gives way to thinned undergrowth.

Small flowery gardens with southern scents surround, like lush greenery, all the buildings.

"Whether you are from here or elsewhere, it doesn't matter, here you are elsewhere!"


The Mas de la Nojarette, built on the heights of a virgin and luxuriant valley, represents a true haven of peace. Here the rocks, oaks and birds will be your only neighbors.


At the heart of the property, the valley hides at its bottom a magnificent river with wild surroundings. While maintaining a colorful and warm atmosphere, this Provencal farmhouse offers great comfort and many amenities.


The gardens and their various flowery terraces invite you to daydream.


The large swimming pool, refreshed by a waterfall and overlooking the valley, gives the feeling of a little paradise.

The house is equipped with two living rooms to accommodate your meals and breaks.


Our chef prepares meals on the Estate, a few km away, and delivers you at the end of the morning.


The menus are made from natural seasonal products, mostly from organic crops or sustainable agriculture, selected from local producers and an organic cooperative.


Provencal flavors and oriental spices will make dishes sing!


Vegetarian menu, with possible variants for gluten and dairy intolerances, only by reservation.


The house has: 6 double bedrooms to configure (1 large 160cm bed or two 80cm single beds)


 2 with bathroom in the bedroom


 4 with shared bathroom


1 triple mezzanine to configure (1 large 160cm bed + 1 small 80cm bed or three small 80cm beds)


1 triple room to configure (1 large 160cm bed + 1 small 80cm bed or three small 80cm beds)


In an outbuilding of the house, 30m from the main entrance, there is a 45m2 room open to nature by two bay windows.


Ideally arranged for practice, this room is equipped with parquet floors, wood stove, sound system, as well as practice equipment such as carpets, cushions, cutlery, a flipchart ...

Above this room, facing the valley and the Ardèche mountains, is an 80m2 outdoor practice area.


This space is sheltered from May to September by a large shade sail.